feel free to reach out to me via social media.
 contact: meditutmedia@gmail.com​​​​​​​
All projects require deposits.
Deposits give freelancers the ability to live, eat, afford subscriptions, and pay bills. Upon receiving the project brief, a concept sketch and price quote will be provided to the client.
 At which point a deposit of 50% the agreed upon total will need to be paid within 21 days for the project to continue. Failure to pay a deposit in time will leave me no choice but to put your project on the back burner in order to focus on other clients.
Revisions are a necessary part of the process.
 Sometimes it can take a few versions to achieve the vision that the client and I as the artist are looking for. I’ll happily make 2-3 small revisions free of charge. Large, last minute, or excessive revisions will come with a small fee in order to respect my time and above all ensure the project remains on track.
Invoices are to be paid no later than 21 days of asset delivery.
Failure to pay within 21 days will result in a small fee added to the invoice. This term is strictly to ensure that you as the client respect my time as much as I respect yours!
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